Birla Carbon

The Brief

Update the Birla Carbon website to better represent who the company is & offer resources for prospective business partners.

Carbon black is in anything that is black. Computers, cars, inks, plastics, you name it. Beyond just color it adds strength & durability to everything it's a part of. Birla Carbon's scientists are specialists in their field, using the latest technologies to make inks, plastics, & rubbers more durable.

Birla Carbon has a wide variety of brand colors, after a competitive analysis we decided to lean into the greens in their palette in order to differentiate themselves from competitors who tend to use blues, purples & reds. Over the years we've done many photoshoots with Birla, so we pulled from our library & converted the images to black & white to highlight the richness of their product as well as keep the site from getting overly busy with color.

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Old Website

New Website